Monday, 2 June 2014

Two dreams jobs, and a nightmare.

Every job I take on is one I'm enthusiastic about, and I'm lucky enough to have had an amazing range of models to make and design over my 6 years working for myself. However, the last two I have completed have been dream jobs. The first, which you can see in my last post, was a sectional model of the National Museum of Scotland. This is such a beautiful gallery space, and I really got to indulge in the detail of the model. The second is pictured below - a 1:2500 model of Yorkhill/Finnieston. This includes the Hidden Lane (where F&F HQ is located), so an area I'm super familiar with, as well as some of Glasgow's most iconic architecture - the Armadillo, Hydro, Finnieston crane, and the Science centre and tower, as well as, of course, the Clyde. What an enjoyable model to make!

While making this model (specifically while sculpting the Armadillo) I got news of the fire at the Glasgow School of Art. I could smell the smoke in my workshop.

As a former art school student this hit me hard, I can empathise with the students, some of whom will have lost all their degree work. But also, this building is probably the most important in Glasgow, it's so precious to the city, and, to me, it's also a symbol of what brought me to Glasgow, the city which has been my home ever since.

In truth, it wasn't until I researched the building for the GSA model kit that I really appreciated it. I looked at it from all angles, studied sections and the fine details, and really saw this building for the masterpiece it is. I'm so thankful that the damage is not as bad as it looked, and so proud of the art school and for being a part of it.

via Finch & Fouracre | Designers and Modelmakers